Style Guide for the Exhibition “Nature or Culture?”. 2023 — Museography

The graphic image of this exhibition had to engage in a dialogue with the architecture of a heritage building. The historic space was not just a simple container for the exhibition but also a piece to be valued. Its architectural character became part of the exhibition experience, enriching the narrative. Additionally, the history and evolution of natural science museums were the subjects to be explained, with the aim of offering visitors an understanding of the trajectory and development of these institutions over time.

For this reason, besides the museographic design, the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona commissioned me to create a style guide that completely diverged from a historicist aesthetic. The objective was for the visual presentation to convey evolution and dynamism, providing a modern narrative that contrasted with the sober colors and austere elegance of the neoclassical building. This decision aimed to create a visual and conceptual dialogue between the past and the present.

Since it was a project in which the graphic layout had to go out to tender, it was essential to establish precise guidelines to ensure the coherence and quality of all graphic elements of the exhibition. This involved defining clear directives for the production company, including aspects such as typography, color palette, presentation formats, image treatment (background and form), and other elements, in order to guarantee a homogeneous and coherent exhibition experience for the visitors.


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Sponsoring Institution: Martorell Exhibition Center, Natural Science Museum of Barcelona

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

© Images: Ignasi Cristià and Pepo Segura