Design of the new logo and applications for the Joan Manén Association. 2019 — Archive

The Joan Manén Association commissioned Ignasi Cristià to create a new corporate image and apply the logo to different formats. To conceptualize the initial ideas, Cristià turned to paper and drawing, in the same way he works in the field of scenography.

Ignasi Cristià focused on the figure of the composer and his initial relationship with music through the instrument that represents him: the violin. Thanks to this discipline, Manén later became a leading performer and composer, straddling two centuries.

The close relationship between Manén and his instrument was the origin of everything and therefore the central idea on which Cristià based the conception and application of the new corporate image for the Association.

The aesthetic proposal for the new branding of the Association was based on the violin and fingering, modernity and timelessness, dynamism, simplicity, distinctive character, and quick identification.

The technical proposal with which Cristià conceived the brand was based on visibility, readability, proportion, adaptability, uniqueness among other brands, and versatility in different applications.


© Graphic design: Ignasi Cristià, SL

© Photography: Josep M Rebés