Publicity campaign for concert series "Els Teus Clàssics" — Scenography

“Els Teus Clàssics” is the new brand for the annual series of concerts organised by the “Associació Joan Manén”, a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to the recovery and dissemination of Catalan musical heritage.

The program for 2020 season has been recently presented to its members; this is the 9th edition, but only the 2nd under the new publicity campaign directed and designed by Studio Cristià-Blasi. 

Since Ignasi Cristià is a member of the board of the Association, the Studio decided to patronise it by undertaking part of the collaboration for free. 

Cristià-Blasi, with Eli Trotta’s inestimable assistance, has been responsible for the whole project, from conceiving the idea of “Els teus clàssics” to designing the new branding, directing the publicity campaign and implementing the scheme, including arranging for each concert to be presented by a public figure.

“Els Teus Clàssics” has a clear mission that is to research, recover, value and disseminate the music of classical Catalan composers.

Institutional sponsor: Associació Joan Manén

© Cover photography: Josep M. Rebés

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