06.09.2018 — Celebrated Melodies of Music, Operetta and Opera

It often happens that you get a pleasant call from a friend who asks for a helping hand, and it becomes the perfect excuse to see him again and share our recent experiences.

Krastin Nastev is a brilliant musician who has moved not long ago to Basel, and who has a solid trajectory as a music director. He has been invited to direct concerts all over Europe and he has recently directed the Bulgarian National Radio orchestra and choir.

I was lucky enough to know Krastin Nastev as a singer under his baton’s lead. This time I have been able to travel to Schopfheim / Fahrnau (Germany) where I have backed his choir’s tenor set and interpreted two musical pieces as a soloist.

To sing while being led by the hands of a director such as Krastin Nastev is like walking on a tightrope and knowing you will never fall down, because he guides you and marks the balances; he has the big gift of communicating with gesture, with his look, through the movement of his whole body.

To be on the shoes of an opera singer once again has given me an experience which is vital to understand the secrets of a profession so complex, so delicate and wonderful. I gather this adventure, which will certainly be very useful for new challenges and future projects, as a gift that enriches my job as a professional in the world of museography and playwriting.

I am deeply grateful to Krastin Nastev for this onstage reunion. Thanks to you I could meet the soprano Svetlana Doneva. Her transparent look goes through you and lets you see her artistic spirit; her voice expands throughout the room making music come to life and, in a second, a moving poetry seizes the audience.

Article in the Badische Zeitung journal

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