12.04.2019 — Travelling exhibition: “Let the show begin. Georges Méliès and the 1900’s cinema”.

This travelling exhibition, about the fabulous cinema of George Méliès, can currently be seen in the Spanish city of Segovia until the 9th December 2019.

Organized by “La Caixa” Banking Foundation and designed by Cristià-Blasi Studio, the exhibition transports the spectator back to the ambience of the early 20th Century, when the first films would travel from town to town in funfair caravans. Visitors, usually working people who had begun to have time for leisure, would enter the small wagons to enjoy a show based on tricks and optical illusions. Thus was born cinema as spectacle. 

At a design level, the challenge was in adapting to the display system that, travelling around a wide number of Spanish cities, works both as a means of transport and as an exhibition venue. The design of the interior space, approximately 200 square meters, partitioned and dressed with velvets, tulles and curtains, immerses the viewer in the magical world of George Méliès. It is, certainly, a trip back in time that reviews the history of one of the pioneers of cinema, and ends with a great tribute to his work.

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