After more than a decade working as a playwright and set designer, Ignasi Cristià set up his own studio in 1999. Drawing on his background in the world of theatre, he constantly strives to harness the transformative power of dramatic action and has made it one of the hallmarks of his work.

An avid explorer, he creates all-enveloping, immersive spaces. Threaded through an exhibition and the story it tells, the message reaches its audience not only by exhilarating the mind but also by thrilling their senses and emotions.

Ignasi Cristià

The studio is equally at home with large-scale projects as it is with smaller undertakings, which can often be trickier to tackle.

Interior designer Jose Castelló works closely with Ignasi Cristià, and over the years the studio has built up a multidisciplinary team to design complex, multifaceted projects.

We are great believers in teaming up with a range of professionals to use their talents to the full. This is our proven formula for bringing projects to life.

Workspace of the Ignasi Cristià studio in Carrer Almogàvers. Computers, chairs, furniture and a large window with views of Barcelona\'s Poble Nou can be seen.