12.10.2019 — Exhibition "Opera. Passion, power and politics" in CaixaForum, Barcelona

“Opera. Passion, power and politics ” has been on show at CaixaForum Barcelona since the beginning of autumn and will remain there until the 26th January 2020. Cristià-Blasi was in charge of the artistic direction following an original initiative by the Victoria & Albert Museum of London.

With a multidisciplinary approach and music ever-present, four hundred years of opera history are explained. The guiding thread takes the viewer through eight opera, eight European cities and eight important historical events which give context and an explanation of the evolution of contemporary society.

Both the design of the space and the graphics, instantly capture the senses and involves visitors by inviting them to stroll through the different scenarios of that musical universe. With a colourful and nuanced visual language, while at the same time in straightforward and entertaining way, Cristià-Blasi stages a variety of more than 300 pieces that illustrate Opera's relationship with power, politics and general society.

The objective, shared with El Gran Teatre del Liceu which took part in the adaptation of the exhibition’s script, is to bring Opera closer to the general public. 

According to Elisa Durán, Deputy General Director of the Banking Foundation "la Caixa”, in CaixaForum Madrid, this is the exhibition that registered the highest level of satisfaction amongst visitors in the whole history of the venue. 

Exhibition teaser