12.13.2019 — Exhibition: “The Spirit of Montmartre in the time of Toulouse-Lautrec”

“The spirit of Montmartre in the time of Toulouse-Lautrec” will be exhibited in the CaixaForum’s venues of Seville, Palma and Zaragoza during 2020. This is a new version of the exhibition previously shown in the CaixaForum of Barcelona and Madrid. On this occasion, and after the success of both previous exhibitions, Cristià-Blasi has redesigned its own proposal to adapt the setting to the new venues. 

The current approach, by staying faithful to the original design, perfectly captures the spirit of that historical moment when art took the streets and broke with the aristocratic values of the past. Cabaret, circus, music, theatre, creative arts and, most particularly the nightclubs, provide a home to artists who moved to Montmartre transforming this Paris neighbourhood into a benchmark in the history of art.

It was La Belle Èpoque, and at the same time came a revolution with its own spirit, full of life, magic and colour... Cristià-Blasi manages to recreate this unique atmosphere by playing with contrasts between the festive hustle of the nightclubs and the silence and darkness of the streets at night. Through graphics and design, visitors can enjoy the magnificent works exhibited while engaging with the spirit of that famous Parisian neighbourhood.

The exhibition, a retrospective without precedent in our country, is produced by "la Caixa" and curated by Philip Denis Cate, and stages 350 pieces from collections all over the world.