01.24.2020 — Cloister "Del Roser" of the Nativity Façade

The only cloister at the Basilica Sagrada Familia that Gaudí was able to finish in his lifetime is the one called “del Roser”. This is situated in the Nativity façade which, together with the crypt and the apse, was declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site in 2005.

Cristià-Blasi has been in charge of designing a display to explain the gateway embedded in the cloister, also named “del Roser”. 

Being a heritage site, the priority has been to create an installation in the most sensitive and integrative way. In addition to writing the content and designing the signage display, the Studio undertook an engineering project to ensure that the structure will not damage the building under any circumstances. Thus, two large light boxes, higher than 3 meters, have been erected along an arch of one of the chapels. The gadget used to hold them in place has been fixed to the joints of the ashlars to avoid having to make holes in the stones. 

At a graphic level, on the top of the boxes, a texture evoking red roses has been used with the aim of respectfully linking this intervention with the work done in the cloister by Gaudí himself.