09.23.2020 — The Shadow, the Wounded, the Ball and the Girl

During the design and installation process of the renovation of the modern art halls of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia we were shooting a documentary which, divided into four acts and no words, explains the transformation of the spaces and the process of change of the new presentation of the collection from the particular viewpoint of the director Iago Blasi.
The production and distribution in International festivals was entirely assumed by our studio, without any external economic help. It was presented at the "On Art Film Festival 2018" in Warsaw (Poland); at the "Master of Art Film Festival 2018" in Sofia (Bulgaria) and at the "Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2018" in Naples (Italy).
The National Museum of Art of Catalonia, due to preventive conservation issues and a change in criteria throughout these six years, has been transforming the presentation of the collection. Even so, our documentary preserves the testimony of the original proposal made by its curator, Juan José Lahuerta.
After being shown at the three festivals, the documentary sleeps in our studio waiting to be presented in public.