05.26.2022 — Opening of the exhibition "Comic. Dreams and history"

Televisión Española: A Spectacular Setting

...the building at 13 Rue del Percebe that we mentioned is just one of the jewels of the scenography that makes the exhibition so beautiful and enjoyable. This stupendous scenography is the work of the set designer and playwright Ignasi Cristiá, who has been looking for the best settings for each stage of the exhibition," says Bernard. I think this scenography is fundamental, because it makes people enjoy seeing these 300 originals on paper even more. That's why we have included such spectacular and colourful scenography. To remind us that, above all, comics are, above all, a playful art".

"And we hope that this show will also appeal to a younger audience. Children, for example, who can have their photo taken with Asterix and Obelix, with Terry's plane and the pirates or with Little Nemo's bed. We want it to be a fun exhibition for the whole family...

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Jack Kirby. «From Beyond This Planet Earth!», Fantastic Four, n.º 65, portada, Marvel. 1967. Tinta china sobre papel. Colección particular