09.15.2022 — The universe of the Pixar factory in a laboratory

Tomorrow at CaixaForum Lleida, is the opening of the last venue of the exhibition "Pixar. Building characters”. It opened in Seville after the pandemic and I designed it in my studio with the collaboration of Jose Castelló (at his home) and with meetings via zoom with the whole team, both from "la Caixa" and from the Pixar factory in California (USA).

The exhibition has travelled to Seville, Girona, Palma, Tarragona and is staying for a long time in Lleida, the last stop on its long journey. Afterwards, the collection will return to the United States.

It has been a pleasure to be able to work with the Pixar characters and to be able to give them light so that the public can enjoy them and understand how a character is built, brought to life, related to others and a world that can be inhabited.

Working with the resin study models of the characters inside each of the display cases - intended as a lab space - has been a discovery. Brianne Moseley, the Pixar curator, made me understand how the relationship of the characters in the display case changed depending on the position we decided to to place them in relation to each other. A small turn of one of the figures completely changed the meaning of their relationship, just like when actors meet their character in a theatre rehearsal.

© Photography: Pepo Segura