03.03.2023 — Artificial Intelligence vs. First Sketches

Artificial intelligence has been born thanks to millions of data that it has been filing and processing. Images, drawings, voices, texts, music... a whole universe of information that it has compiled and returned to us transformed at the whim of whoever asks for it.

In 2006 I designed an exhibition about the architect Rafael Masó at CaixaForum in Girona. At that time I drew the projects by hand although I gave the color digitally. Also the shadows in the case of black and white drawings, like the last ones in this series that are for a project of the foundation "Sa Nostra" (2004). In the end, the drawing was a way of showing what the finished space would be like.

Sometimes I wonder if these drawings, posted on the net, have served to feed the bigdata. Be that as it may, these drawings are made by one person.