11.20.2023 — Naples, November 15, 2015

The proof that the Neapolitan nativity scene is a living work of art can be experienced by visiting Naples. On the occasion of the new presentation of the "Neapolitan Nativity Scene at the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid" I decided to get in touch with my friend Marco Rossano, a Neapolitan filmmaker. Who better than him to capture the vibrancy of a city full of life, of which Neapolitan nativity scenes are a reflection? With camera in hand, he toured the city and recorded a documentary that is now in the same room where the nativity scene in Valladolid is displayed.

The resemblance between the characters and the city portrayed in the documentary and the museum installation is striking, and the documentary reinforces the validity of this artistic manifestation from the 18th century. 


Documentary: Una giornata a Napoli