Medea. 2021 — Dramaturgy

After a long research work we discovered, with Daniel Blanch from the Associació Joan Manén, the existence of the handwritten score of "Medea", supposedly lost, with text by Ambrosi Carrión and music by Joan Manén.

Ignasi Cristià was responsible for the stage direction and Iago Blasi for the audiovisual production. After 62 years of oblivion, Carrión and Manén's monodrama returned to the concert halls. 

The dramatic approach to the character of Medea, reinforced by a contemplative projection that enveloped the character and the orchestra, adhered to the groundbreaking vision of the ancient myth that Carrión rewrote in his text.

In the words of the stage director:

"Ambrosi Carrión rewrites a Medea who is torn between woman and mother. Our staging gives power to the woman. Medea takes responsibility, to the last consequences, for each of her acts. 

The infanticide of her children and her own immolation, interpreted as a transfiguration ritual, will give birth to a new era of light. This is the only way to highlight the transformative power of the character. 

With Medea, the darkness and barbarism of patriarchy will be replaced by the values of a more just society". 

Commissioned by: Associació Joan Manén and Orquestra Terrassa 48

Location: L'Auditori, Barcelona

© Photograpy: La Rara and A. Bofill