New Museum of the Port of Tarragona. 2021 — Museography

Ignasi Cristià: Design

The new museographic intervention highlights the essential characteristics of the existing space, respecting its nature at all times, encouraging dialogue between container and content.

Where the building expresses itself in all its magnitude, with the roof far from the visitors' heads, the museography replicates it by proposing large vertical structures, recalling the uses the building had in the past. The museography becomes both receptacle and content at the same time.

As the space acquires a more human dimension and we begin to talk about people and the present, the museography adopts a more intimate expression, turning objects into the protagonists of a great story. 

With the collaboration of Jose Castelló

Iago Blasi: Contents

Although the bulk of the objects and the story remain the same, the contents of the new museum are presented in a different way. The new script is structured thematically, each area has its own chronology, so that we can see the evolution over time of the different realities presented. This layout encourages a deeper understanding of the themes and the relationship between the concepts.

The location of the contents in the space takes into account the pace of the visit, distributing the resources so that the interest of the story does not wane at any time, combining the different levels of reading and strategically placing the most relevant nodes of attraction.

Institutional sponsor: Port Authority of Tarragona

Location: Tarragona

@ Photography: Pepo Segura