Nikola Tesla. The genius of modern electricity. 2021 — Museography

The whole exhibition set-up pivoted on a spectacular scenography. In this way all the contents, of a markedly scientific nature, became more comprehensible to the lay visitor. The scenic space transported the public to a time and an era. In this environment everything that was told in the exhibition was related to each other, acquiring a deeper meaning.

The inspiration for the scenic space came to me from one of the most iconic photographs of Nikola Tesla in his Palm Springs workshop. A space of wood and metal. The large Tesla coil, at the beginning of the tour, welcomed us and communicated with the scenographic replica of the Wardencliffe Tower on Long Island, which appeared imposing in the middle of the large temporary exhibition hall of the CosmoCaixa.

This big axis, a large imaginary line between the coil at the beginning of the exhibition route and the tower, created rings of light suspended in the air that represented the wireless transmission of electricity imagined by Tesla.

The aerial scheme of energy transmission landed in the room, giving shape to the path and sections of the exhibition. The divisions, walls and transitions through the scenic space were inspired by a large Faraday box and the metal mesh with which the walls were constructed allowed a view through the different areas. This space enveloped the visitor in the atmosphere of Tesla's workshop, inviting him to understand his history and his discoveries.

The scenic space was placed at the service of the public and in this way the exhibition -a great tribute to Nikola Tesla- allowed to discover him, to know him and to love him. 

Institutional sponsor: CosmoCaixa. “la Caixa” Foundation

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

With the collaboration of Jose Castelló

@ Photography: Pepo Segura